General Info / How to Enter

2019 Twilight Struggle BPA Play-By-internet (PBI) Tournament

Welcome to the home of the 4th Boardgame Players Association Twilight Struggle remote play tournament. (For a history of previous BPA Twilight Struggle tournaments, click here.)

Eligibility: All entrants are required to be members of the Boardgame Players Association at the Associate level ($10 USD) or higher – see the BPA website for details about joining. All entrants must have the Twilight Struggle Playdek application, distributed via Steam, iTunes, or Google Play.

Prizes: Apart from the Glory of Victory:

  • BPA will award a plaque to the tournament winner, and laurels towards its annual Caesar Award to the top 6 finishers.
  • GMT will give gift certificates to the top 3 finishers.
  • Playdek will give Steam codes for Playdek/GMT’s next Steam release: Fort Sumter: 1 to the top 6 finishers and 2 to the winner.

Thanks to each of these supportive organizations.

Entry: Sign up by April 30th , 2019 by sending an email to the GM at Entries must include your REAL NAME (necessary for eligibility verification by BPA), your PlayDek handle and the email address at which the GM and your opponents can contact you. Please make sure the spelling of the Playdek ID is accurate. Note: Entry into this tournament is free, but membership in BPA and acquisition of the Playdek app do entail modest costs if you do not already have these.

Security: To protect players in this increasingly troll-filled online world, the following measures will be taken during the tournament:

  • Players will only be identified by first name and last initial on the tournament website.
  • Your PlayDek handle and email address will be provided to each of your opponents (only) by direct email from the GM.
  • Participants will automatically be added to the AREA rating system, however you may request that your real name be withheld by email to the GM or AREA (in which case you will be identified an AREA rating lists only by your AREA ID#.)

Schedule: Projected start date is May 8, 2019. A side goal of this tournament is to test out a higher speed format than has been traditional for BPA events — to turn rounds in 1.5 months or less and finish the tournament in 1 year or less. This seems possible and practical since we are using the PlayDek app. Games will be played with a time limit of 21 days per person (set in the PlayDek app) for a maximum game time of 42 days (probably much less as it is unlikely that both players will use the limit). If players bid and report games promptly, the GM should be able to start each new round within 45 days total. The official end date for each round will be posted on the “Updates” page of this website. The schedule will be strict. Any game that does not have a reported result by the deadline, or a notification to the GM of a problem, will result in a loss for both players. If a game is reported as not completed, the neither player concedes, a very brief inquiry will be made by the GM and Asst. GM, and one (or both if necessary) player(s) will be credited with a loss. Depending on the situation, the non-losing player may also be credited with a bye. (This will typically be the case for a no-show situation.)

Questions to GM / Updates: Questions and notifications can be emailed to where they will be seen by the GM and/or the Asst. GM. Response will be made by email to one or both players (as appropriate) as expeditiously as possible. Responses of general interest, and any other tournament news or updates, will be posted on the website “Updates” page, in chronological order. (So players should check this page from time to time.) However, whenever possible, resolutions to issues reached by the player’s themselves are preferable.

Tools: The Playdek Twilight Struggle application is available at: